MAS346 Groups and Symmetry 2019-2020

Lecturer: Dr M. Katzman




The Syllabus

Symmetry groups in Rn  (3 lectures)

Groups acting on sets and simple groups. (4 lectures)

Symmetry Groups (2D)  (2 lectures)

Affine isometries (2 lectures)

Wallpaper groups (3 lectures)

Symmetry Groups (3D) (3 lectures)

Sylow Theorems: proof and further applications (3 lectures)  

A pdf version of the syllabus can be found here.

Lectures' slides and notes

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

(Partial) lecture notes and, by popular demand the piece of paper I squint at during lectures.


Armstrong, Groups and symmetry (Shelfmark 512.86 (A), ISBN 0387966757)

Dummit, Abstract algebra (Shelfmark 512.8 (D), ISBN 0130047716)

Fraleigh, A first course in abstract algebra (Shelfmark 512.8 (F), ISBN 0201534673)

Herstein, Abstract algebra (Shelfmark 512.8 (H), ISBN 0023538228)

Artin, Algebra (Shelfmark 512 (A), ISBN 0130047635)

Homework Assignments


Problem Sheet #1 


Problem Sheet #2

Problem Sheet #3

Problem Sheet #4

Problem Sheet #5

The Exam

Four questions (no choice), 2.5 hours.